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Winter Farmstand!

Hi all,
Last week was our first possibility for a baby sighting in the barn. As of today, we are still holding our breath when we walk in the barn for ‘baby watch’ but there are 50 new babies on the ground. We are about halfway through the number of mommas expected to go in the next month but it is like waiting for a pot to boil as we watch our mommas get bigger and bigger and start waddling around full udders. It is both a fun and exhausting time of year for the farm crew as we do the checks multiple times during the night and care for our new mommas and bottle babies (there are always a few for one reason or another).

We spend this time of year on call 24/7 for births and at the same time seeding has started in the greenhouse for the summer!!! It’s a little more crazy around here and it isn’t even spring yet.

Here at the farm, we midwife all our animals ourselves, and while many of them are capable of getting it all done alone, we really need to be on hand in case there is a problem of any kind. From making sure that first time moms have the support they need to understand what is happening, to turning around a baby that is stuck in the wrong position (babies can be breech or upside down or have their feet in the wrong position– they need to ‘dive’ out or they need help to be born)- we are the midwives that support and nurture our animals.

All mommas have a recuperation time in a small pen where they can get to know their baby(ies) and settle into their roles and we can monitor them for any health issues. They spend from 24-72 hours (or longer if they or their babies need extra attention) and then move to our nursery area with other new mommas. They still get extra feed and attention and a closer eye, but when they are ready, they go back out into the main flock with their babies, hopefully, sticking close by.



Salad Mix
Lettuce, pink butterhead
Kale, red curly
Swiss Chard

Chorizo & other sausages
Ground beef, pork and lamb
Stew, Lamb and goat
Fresh eggs
We also are well-stocked with honey, maple syrup, dressings, spice mixes, pasta and more. 

Remember that our farmstand is located at #5 Chestnut Hill and you can PARK in the first parking area BEFORE the red CSA barn so you don’t have to walk so far to find us! We will have a sign out on Chestnut Hill Road with the open flag and a sign next to the walk-up. Sorry for any confusion up to this point, but it is just too cold to sit in the barn! So we’ve moved our offerings into the farm office in the house.

It’s time to sign up for Summer CSA!

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