Southborough, MA | A Trustees Property
Officially Organic!

Chestnut Hill veggies are now Certified Organic! Since The Trustees’ founding in 1891 as a land conservation organization, we have preserved and protected farmland in Massachusetts. And some of our most beautiful and iconic sites are working farms that still feed our communities today. At The Trustees, we are carrying on a history of agriculture […]

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April showers bring slow May flowers

It’s been a little trying in the last month with all the rain. All this soaking and cool weather has meant cooler soils and difficulty getting into sticky, muddy fields. When we have gotten transplants into the ground, they sort of just sit there and mull over why they had to leave the gloriously warm […]

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April news from the farm!

News from Farmer Des: Welcome to spring in New England! So far the season has started a little slow and rainy, but the flowers have started blooming and the greenhouse has filled and emptied once already. We are getting close to being able to put some of these baby plants out in the field—we just […]

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